XDS Software Upgrade

Cumulus Media Networks is sending new software, version 2.5.2, to the XDS Pro4 receivers.

As with past XDS receiver software upgrades, your receiver will silently download the new software during evening or overnight hours.

The first group of randomly-selected receivers are getting the upgrade as of August 20, 2013. The rest will follow within a week or so.

When you see the yellow Update LED blinking quickly, choose a time to reboot your Cumulus XDS receiver. You should choose a time when your receiver is not receiving, nor recording, nor playing back any Cumulus or independent syndicator programming on any of the 4 audio ports. Allow about 4 minutes to reboot.

This new software version:

The upgrade described above applies only to the Pro4 receiver model which is the most common model used by Cumulus O&Os and affiliates. Later, we will send a separate upgrade for the newer Pro4Q and Pro1Q models which are also in use by some stations.

(When the yellow Update LED blinks slowly, the software is still downloading. When blinking quickly, it's fully downloaded and you may reboot. If you accidentally reboot too early, the receiver will re-download the software on the next pass and you can reboot later.)

If you have questions, please contact Cumulus Media Technical Services at 212-456-5000 option 4, or 972-448-3131 or email techservices@cumulus.com.